Safety Vest approved mandatory in France

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The Yellow Jersey from the bicycle to the bike ... In France it has become mandatory to have a high visibility vest with it. In motion as in a scooter, otherwise fine.

From January 1st, French motorcyclists, and foreigners arriving in France on board a motorbike, a scooter, a three-wheeler of a quad, must have a high visibility vest to wear in case of an emergency stop.

The decree 2015-514 establishes it. It does not matter that the vest is yellow or orange (or theoretically of other color), but must meet the requirements of the standards (UNI) EN-471 or EN-1150, which are then the codes shown in the identification labels sewn on high visibility vests. . They are also mandatory in the equipment of drivers, again in France, starting in 2008.

Therefore, if you have reflective jackets with these requirements, many brands of technical motorcycle apparel have in the catalog garments packed with these certified fabrics, well. Otherwise, remember to bring one of these approved vests to your backpack, motorcycle, or scooter. Initially a fine of 135 Euros was foreseen, the same applied to motorists, but then it was reduced to 11 even if the maximum limit of 135 Euros remained, at the discretion of the police forces. This amount would apply not in the case of a generic stop at the roadside, but following an emergency stop or for a repair operation carried out on the roadway in a dangerous position.

It is sufficient that the high visibility vest, or the technical jacket with the same EN 1150 and EN 471 homologation, is worn by the rider and not by the passenger, who obviously must move away from the road to get in a more secure position. In case of poor visibility, it is not obligatory to wear the safety vest during the normal march, as it has instead become obligatory for example for cyclists, but nothing forbids having it on him. Since every country of the European Union has legislative autonomy, now we do not speak of seeing the same provision applied in Italy.

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