Students wear reflective vest to take a safety course

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An interesting and formative day that allowed deepening what was learned in the classroom. Upon arrival, the students wear reflective vest went to the conference room to take a course on safety within the company; here we have provided information on the work procedures carried out in the factory and how it has developed over the years.

Subsequently, the students divided into groups and provided with a high visibility vest and a protective helmet to wear. The visit to the factory has developed along the path of cement production and stops at each material processing area. From the arrival of the crude, through the deposit of the rocks, to the mill of grinding and the furnace where it is clinker format, up to the last phase in which the finished product is deposited, in silos, subdivided according to the properties it owns, ready for the storage phase.

Finally, the groups were accompanied in the monitoring room, where they are followed by cooking through sophisticated computer programs, and in laboratories, where tests are carried out to test the suitability of the safety product.

After the tour, welcome refreshment was offered and, after the greetings, the classes with the professors are distributed to Castillo, an ancient medieval village not far from Veronica. Here, during a break of a few hours, we visited the splendid church of Santa Maria in 1122, containing the wonderful fifteenth-century frescoes discovered at the end of the nineteenth century, the fourteenth-century fortress, and the summer residence of the family of Stradivari violinmakers. It was a very interesting and formative day that allowed us to see and deepen directly what we learned during class lessons.

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