Heike reflective vest: more visibility for the biker

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Being visible when riding a motorcycle is a determining factor for the safety of the pilot. For this reason, the Italian brand Heike has designed a reflective vest, to be easily perceived by the rest of the drivers on the road.

Heike has developed a new high visibility vest for use on any garment or jacket: the Theses. This garment, thanks to its fluorescent yellow color and the reflective bands laminated on its surface, increases the visibility of the rider when driving under light conditions on the road.

The new Heike vest has been made in polyester, a material that gives it a great resistance and that, in addition, gives it a high lightness, a feature that allows it to be easily stored in a pocket. For the vest to fit perfectly to the body of the rider, the Italian company has incorporated elastic fabric at the waist.

The Theses complies with the safety regulations imposed in most European countries on road visibility issues. In particular, UNI 471/1995 has approved this garment. The Heike Tesco safety vest is available in three sizes (S / M, L / XL and XXL / XXXL) and is sold for a price of € 37.30 (VAT included).

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