Drivers have new obligations towards cyclists

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Yesterday, cyclists need to know and adhere to a modified set of rules on bicycle and bicycle riding, and drivers need to know that there is some news on their obligations to bicyclists.

According to the Cycling Club "Napoca" the main changes now in force are synthetically formulated:

Bicycle horns may be similar in intensity and tone to those of motor vehicles;

The bicycle must have headlamp, clip, and reflector only at night or in low light;

It can be reflective rubber strips instead of retro-reflectors, and it must not necessarily be the orange color;

It is advisable to keep aside distance of at least 1.5 m when overtaking bicycles;

Elimination of some redundancy generating confusion on stopping and stopping on bike tracks;

Clarify and tighten rules on the transport of children up to 7 years of age;

Elimination of the obligation for cyclists to use the "sideways" or "pathways" instead of the roadway;

Eliminating contradictions and uncertainties about bicyclists' obligations to equip bicycles;

Correcting aberrant provisions on intersection assignment obligations;

Limiting cases where cyclists need to wear reflective clothing with reflective materials;

The possibility of parking for bikes at the level of a trotter near the intersections, pedestrian crossings, and stations;

The possibility of lifting vehicles that block certain bicycle tracks.

"We hope that the legislative improvement process will continue for the benefit of cyclists in the future and it will not take long before we have a new Road Code, but drafted in the spirit of current good practice in the developed countries, and not at all similar to the one tabled in Parliament on December 2015, which contained many aberrations and was based on a vision of the middle of the last century, "said Radu Mititean, executive director of the Cycling Club.

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