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The wearers of the Kübler Reflective high-visibility protection collection can be confident that they will be recognized more quickly even in poor visibility conditions thanks to the innovative combination of segmented and continuous reflective strips and their arrangement in body language design. In addition, to allow the wearer to easily adapt the clothes to current temperature and weather conditions, Kübler developed this line according to the multilayer principle. It is designed to carry several garments made of different materials on top of each other in order to be able to react by dressing and undressing on the respective climatic conditions. The base layer of thin material, eg. B. functional underwear or shirt, is relatively close to the body. It has the main task of transporting sweat away from the body. The storage of body heat takes over the insulation layer. Depending on your preference, fleece jacket, padded vest, and softshell jacket are available, which can also be combined with each other. Like all clothing parts, they are equipped with segmented and continuous reflective fabric in Body Language optics and are certified to EN ISO 20471.

As the top layer for protection against rain, wind and cold, Kübler provides a weather jacket with a wide range of equipment details and, as new, cheaper models, a weather jacket and a weather parka. High-quality materials and workmanship ensure optimum rain protection and good breathability in all three reflective jackets according to EN 343: 2003 + A1: 2007 + AC: 2009, class 3/3. Among other things contribute to the high wearing comfort the stand / Umlegekragen with an inner collar of soft, cuddly material and integrated hood as well as the concealed 2-way front zipper with combined chin and beard and a double windbreak with additional snaps.

The new Wetterblouson and the new Wetterparka are equipped with a detachable inner jacket made of quilted lining and allow it to react individually to cold outside temperatures. The Wetterblouson has an extended back to protect the kidney area. Side rubber inserts in the hem of the jacket prevent the ingress of cold air. With the new weather parka, a drawstring in the hem of the jacket allows you to adjust the width.

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