Cycling: Polarity presents a comfort line for all weather conditions

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Polarity, a brand synonymous with quality and performance at the highest levels, presents a line suitable for all weather conditions.

Cycling in any condition, without setting climatic or geographical limits. Get on your bike and test yourself, challenging difficult conditions that will test your body and mind. Protect yourself from atmospheric agents with technical and essential items that will make your experience unique and unforgettable on-road and off-road. Look for the Polarity label, a brand that has always been synonymous with quality and performance at the highest levels, in all conditions.

A versatile reflective jacket designed for the bike but usable in every occasion is the new Dinesen AWA Hybrid Jacket in POLARTEC® ALPHA® DIRECT. Breathable dries quickly and compressible thanks to the active layer insulation ideal for the most demanding cyclists looking for a garment capable of repairing from wind and water. Shoulders, sleeves, and backs are in POLARTEC® POWER GRID to keep the temperature constant even when moving, drying sweat quickly.

Offering a good combination of wool and synthetic, the flora Power wool long sleeve base layer will be preferred for all bikers who like to ride single track even when the weather gets colder. Designed for POLARTEC® POWER WOOL ™, while cool in contact with the skin keeps warm and has a natural odor control, synthetic guarantees durability and ensures quick drying. It has a traditional round design on the neck and is longer in the back.

Warm, resistant to wind and water are the Bib Pants by Valued. Extremely breathable and elasticized thanks to the use of POLARTEC® ALPHA ®. These pants are ideal for the most demanding cyclists who like to ride a bike even in the most extreme conditions. Ergonomic cut, zip at the ankle and Men Pro Carbon pad.

The Catelli Potenza jacket is designed for women who love classic cycling clothing. The compact fiber and the structured pile of the POLARTEC® POWER STRETCH® Fabric helps maintain body heat and at the same time offer air permeability. Excellent breathability, dries quickly and extremely elastic, with attention to detail to offer maximum comfort and functionality.

Rapa Brevet Reflective gloves have been designed to offer protection and freedom of movement during long days on the bike. Designed for POLARTEC® POWER SHIELD® PRO fabric, abrasion-resistant and completely reflective, with a high-visibility reflective tape that allows visibility on roads with poor lighting.

The perfect jacket when the weather is cool, both in the sun and in the rain. The ideal protective layer is also chosen by professional cyclists during fast races, in bad weather conditions. Scornful Finder Extreme, made of exclusive POLARTEC NEOSHELL reflective fabric, is wind proof, waterproof, extremely breathable and elastic. Perfect for those who want to get on the bike in any weather conditions.

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