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Ahead of us is waiting for winter, but now the day has noticeably decreased. Schoolchildren and students in the second shift return home after dark. And we, adults, get from work at dusk.

After interviewing familiar drivers and observing what is happening in Bishkek early in the morning and in the evenings, Komsomolskaya Pravda came to disappointing conclusions: about half of pedestrians, including children, do not have reflective materials on their clothing. Meanwhile, the accident statistics are relentless: a significant percentage of road accidents occur in the winter and in conditions of poor visibility.

According to official data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2017 in Kyrgyzstan, there were 1,432 accidents involving children. 104 children died in an accident and another 1,622 were injured.

What measures are being taken at the state level to reduce these figures?

The press service of the Main Department for the Prevention of Road Traffic Safety told that in 2019 serious innovations are planned in the field of road accident prevention, including for pedestrians. So, next year they will introduce wearing of reflective vests for drivers in poor visibility conditions. It is also planned to make mandatory the use of reflective fabrics on clothing for pedestrians of all age categories.

But now, without waiting for government measures, it should be remembered that our safety and the safety of our children are first and foremost our responsibility.

For the last two years, the Main Department for the Prevention of Road Traffic Safety has repeatedly held public events, reminding that at night, pedestrians should have light reflectors on their clothes. Unfortunately, not all listen to these calls.


Firstly, everything, from young to old, must strictly follow the rules of the road and cross the road only in designated places. Teach your children to behave properly on the road when you are not around.

Secondly, it is important to remember that wearing clothes with reflective elements: ribbons, stickers, badges and other light reflectors significantly reduces personal risk when crossing the road at night or during bad weather. In Kyrgyzstan, the cities, and especially the countryside, are unevenly lit, so it is better to still wear a key chain, a badge or a sticker with a reflector.


Komsomolskaya Pravda called the most popular shops in the city to find out which light reflectors are in stock. It turned out that on the counters of Bishkek, this category of goods does not apply to popular products. Shops simply do not bring reflectors or bring in small quantities. No demand - no offer. Probably, after the introduction of their mandatory wearing at the legislative level, the situation will change. Demand will grow, and hence the range of reflective elements.

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