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By midnight afternoon, it is darker, rather than in Azure we run in autumn plumes or just in the snow. But it does not matter, we still love it, and even more if we have equipment like this made in this weather! And if you do not have it yet, a tip for Santa is right here!

The Alpha Soft-shell Jacket will be unbeatable. The yellow glowing color is very distinct, but the manufacturer was thinking about the safety of runners in the winter time and added other reflective materials on the jacket: the logo at the front of the heart, the collar at the back, and a reflective tape on the shoulders.

The length of my jacket in my size M came in perfect. He does not stay at the waist, and he is lying down, so he does not get under it. I was very pleased with the double sleeve ends - a narrow hem in the bottom of the sleeve that helps keep the hands and body warm under the jacket. Although the soft-shell jacket will not hinder your mobility. This is a soft soft-shell and soft reflective fabric, not a rigid and rigid jacket that you use for trekking in the mountains.

The used clutch material combines wind resistance, breathability, waterproof while maintaining warmth, so you can set off (under) winter kilometers even in bad weather. When I tried to run at about eight degrees above zero in the wind, I was too warm in her jacket. In my opinion, the jacket is ideal for running at lower temperatures (up to 5 C) and more windy and rainy weather. Otherwise, you have a lighter jacket that will breathe more soft-shell than you do. On the other hand, I think, especially for winter jogging. This jacket is a great piece that will allow you to run even in rain or snow showers and wind because you still stay dry. Surely you can also use it for cross-country skiing.

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