Safe through the autumn: tips for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians

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Fog, foliage, wind and wet: With these tips, you cope with the typical autumn hazards in traffic.

Autumn is here and with it, an increased traffic risk: blinded by the low sun, a poor view through fog or the early twilight, wet roads, wildlife accidents, leaves, storm - the autumn time presents several challenges for road users. Three rules of thumb enhance road safety in the fall season:

Make sure you are visible yourself, like wear reflective clothing or reflective vest with reflective fabric,

Slow down the speed in poor visibility,

Be particularly attentive because other road users could disregard the points 1 and 2.

Nevertheless, many accidents happen, especially in the dark seasons. How road users can secure themselves on the road, the bike path or sidewalk. An overview:

Ensure good lighting

In other EU countries, motorists have to drive constantly with light. In Germany, it is recommended, but the Road Traffic Act (§17) writes on a dipped beam only before at dusk, in the dark and in insufficient visibility. Modern cars have additionally built daytime running lights, but only the front lights and therefore does not replace the low beam in poor visibility or the tunnel.

Motorcycles may also be driven during the day only with low beam or daytime running lights. Otherwise, the same rules apply to them as to motorists - except that they may also use the fog lamps without having to switch on the dipped beam or parking lights.

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