Stylish reflections for arms and legs

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Reflectors one can never have too many of. You can do this quickly and easily yourself, a whole pile on an evening! It will be great gifts to share with family and friends. More reflective materials on the people!

Nowadays, reflective fabrics and ribbons are also available in white, black, orange, yellow and various gray shades so it is easy to make personal reflections in their own style. If you also decorate with a little tip and/or sewing machine seams, you can get delicious reflections that look like jewelry.

I hope these are reflections that always get on the jacket so that they are in the right place when the darkness surprises. Why not make matching reflections to the legs as well?

You need:

reflective tape

woven wool sweater/wool fabric / woven wool plate


sewing machine

(Safety needle)

How to use:

Take measurements around the jacket arm or leg. Cut a piece of woolen fabric that is as wide as you want it and about 3 cm shorter than the circumference you just measured up.

Cut for reflective fabric/bands that are as long but preferably a few millimeters narrower so that the color of the background fabric may emerge. Cut either several narrow bands or one wide depending on how you want your reflective bracelet to look.

Cut into a piece of matching the color if you want to decorate on top of the reflective fabric. In the dark, the tip itself is not visible, but only the reflective fabric that shines through because the tip is so thin and has so many holes.

Place the parts on top of each other, first the wool piece then the reflective material and then the tip on top.

Sew all layers at the same time on the sewing machine. Use one of the machine's decorative stitches if you think so.

Cut a piece of the rubber band that is about 5 cm and sew it in both short ends so it is easier to touch on and off the finished reflex.

Attach to the jacket. Use a safety pin if needed.

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