The new uniform of ambulance personnel: "It's great"

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DEN BOSCH - Sportier, fresher and more modern. This is what the new uniform of ambulance personnel looks like. The old uniform is already 15 years old and no longer recognizable enough. A trial started on Wednesday. Audrey from Den Bosch and Richard from Uden are already wearing the uniform.

In the meantime, it is not only the ambulance personnel who wear yellow and green clothing. So it was time for a different design: the new blue.

Clothing designer Karin Slegers from Sint-Michielsgestel designed the clothing and she started it in 2017. "I started talking to people all over the country. They told me what they are missing or want to keep," she explains. For example, there is a detail on the pants for a notebook. That was suggested by someone who had worked in Switzerland.

By attending exercises, Karin discovered the needs of the personnel: "I saw that the ambulance personnel sit on the floor a lot. Their legs are then lost. I have made strips on the calves so that they always remain visible." There is a lot of reflective materials  on the uniform, the back of the winter reflective jacket is even completely made of reflective fabric.


Over the next three weeks, 50 ambulance staff throughout the Netherlands will be testing the uniform. This allows the design to be perfected. Among them are Audrey from Den Bosch and Richard from Uden.

"It is wonderful, much more feminine and I also like the color scheme," says Audrey. Richard is also very satisfied: "The fit is nice. If I fall through my knees, it all fits perfectly. The safety meets the requirement again."

Brabant product

Not only the designer comes from Brabant, but the entire production also takes place here as well. Supplier Wiltec in Uden is working with clothing producer HAVEP in Goirle on the project. They were chosen on the sustainability policy. The clothing is made in Macedonia under good conditions and the materials used are more environmentally friendly. "That makes it an example for the government, which makes me extra proud," says the designer.

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