Without reflective vests , the car hit a woman

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On Wednesday afternoon, there was a tragic accident. Guinea car hit an 81-year-old woman who was not wearing a reflective vest when she goes out at night. Unfortunately, after being transported to the hospital, she died.

The incident happened at approx. The 45-year-old Opel Vicar driver hit an 81-year-old woman on a pedestrian crossing.

At first, the Opel driver was so shocked that he could not give us information on which side the woman came to or crossed the passage. Initially, the 81-year-old even talked to the driver, but in the hospital it turned out that she had extensive internal injuries. Around 19.40, we received information that this lady died - informs Jar slaw Kraft, a press officer of Pavia Police Headquarters in Citrusy.

The detailed circumstances of the death of the 81-year-old are to be explained by the autopsy section commissioned by the prosecution. The Opel driver was sober.

In connection with the growing number of incidents involving pedestrians, the police are calling for wearing reflectors not only outside the built-up area. This is because pedestrians are obliged by law. However, after dark, people dressed in the dark also in the city are invisible to drivers. That is why it is so important to ensure that we are visible.

Reflective clothing should be worn for your own safety. Even the smallest reflective element can save our lives. Usually, drivers explain themselves that they noticed the pedestrian at the last moment and they did not manage to slow down - says Kraft.

It is particularly important that the reflections are worn by the elderly. In children, reflective fabrics are sewn into outerwear, the youth often dresses quite colorfully, while older people usually wear dark clothes and are invisible after dark. That is why it is worth equipping parents and grandparents with reflections for their own safety - he adds.

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