Light Action "Seeing and being seen"

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Lack of or poor lighting can be the cause of serious cycling accidents, especially at the beginning of the dark season. Under the motto "See and be seen", officials from the Transport Directorate of the Bonn Police inspected the bicycles of the pupils at five schools in Bonn last week. The action, which is being carried out in cooperation with the city of Bonn and the ADFC, is used to test the pupils' two-wheelers for their traffic safety before the lesson starts. The teachers and parents of the students also took part. Minor defects on the wheels were fixed directly on-site and roadworthy wheels were awarded a badge.

Until Friday 566 bicycles were inspected, of which 365 two-wheelers happily passed the test without objection. 91 bicycles had minor deficiencies in the form of missing reflectors or a nonexistent or defective bell. On 102 wheels, the examiners found gross deficiencies in brakes or lighting. A total of eight two-wheelers were in such bad condition that traffic safety was no longer given. The police forbade the students to continue their journey. The police officer Gabriele Mälchers, the new director of the Traffic Department of the Bonn Police also appealed to the parents of the students: "Regularly check the lights and brakes on the bicycles of your children." Bright clothing and reflective jackets or reflective vests ensure that Your kids will be better seen in the traffic. " The bicycle helmet is also part of road safety. "Bicycle helmets are not always popular with children and adolescents, but a helmet can significantly mitigate the consequences of an accident and protect against severe head injuries," Mälchers said. Fortunately, more than 60 percent of the students wore a bicycle helmet during the check-ups.

On Monday the controls were held for the first time at the Tannenbusch Gymnasium. The fifth-grade students then had the opportunity to learn more about the road-safe bike, reflective clothing and safe braking at various stations. In a "black box", the children could put themselves in the situation of a car driver and see how important the lighting on the wheels, but also reflective clothing in traffic.

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