The light fires and reflective tape protect the pedestrian

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A novel by the University of Liberec scientists will also help protect children from being visually impaired. For example, if a schoolboy with a light system backpack developed by the University of Liberec and reflective tape will be seen not only from a far greater distance but also from other angles.

This is one of the many uses of fiber embedded in textiles, which has been developed since 2009 by the Textile Faculty Science Team. The school has already applied for a Czech and an international patent. The essence of the novelty is that it uses optical fibers that emit light to the sides. They are threaded into a textile ribbon and connected to a light source. The multi-meter cord is also bright.

"We are convinced that it will be of great use, not only in transport, but even in stairways, lifts, etc., could be found in hospitals," said Jixi Milady, head of the Department of Materials Engineering. Separate lining or cord with fiber optics and light source can buy buyers today. For example, it can be inserted into a net or a baby pram with it. The set is about 200 crowns.

Products are more expensive by two hundred

Patented technology is already used by the Leasing bag manufacturer. Glowing laces provide baby backpacks. The first safe backpacks with luminous strips could be seen by visitors to this year's Style and Kabob fairs. Such products are about 200 crowns more expensive.

Step also develops its own soft-shell reflective jacket, introducing its prototype. Soon it will be in many color combinations on the market. The light-fiber braid is part of the jacket and shines from the front, from the side and from the back.

The man wearing a jacket controls the light with a flashlight in his pocket. Lights up or flashes on pencil or micro plate batteries. After disconnecting the light source, it is machine washable or chemically cleaned. The company wants to offer it for CZK 1,200 to 1,500.

"We are also trying to develop lightweight jackets for cyclists or runners with another sports company, and we believe they will be very interested," said David.

There is only one diode available

The manufacturer says that on the plane, the illuminated man can see it up to a kilometer. "The usual reflective elements can be seen within two hundred meters after the light, but the car does not turn on in the curve," Milady said.

The advantage is that just one LED is enough. Not only one point is illuminated, but it is possible to mark the whole shape using a lace or a ribbon. BESIP has already tested the technology for reduced visibility during a pedestrian-cyclist action in the region. And praise them. They see him for a longer distance and drivers have more time to react.

"Everybody will notice this, I am fascinated mainly by the enlightened children's backpacks, but I would not underestimate the classical reflective elements that also protect human lives, and both technologies can be combined," said Kazak from BESIP.

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