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Easter is coming, which means that many Norwegians get in the car and go for a ride. Whether you are going to the sea or the mountains - it is wise to be prepared.

But are we that? A survey conducted by Norstat on behalf of Codan Forsikring shows that while 90 percent of Norwegians have a reflective vest and warning triangle lying in the car, only 28 percent carry tow rope, only 10 percent have chain or snow sock in the car.

"It is good that many have a reflective vest sew on reflective tape and warning triangle in the car, which is mandatory to have. In many situations, it can also be useful to bring along, for example, tow rope, chain, jack or starter cables. On a car trip to Norway, you can meet on many types of roads and you may want to have aids available in the car. Even though spring has come in many places, there may still be snow on Easter mountains, and it may be wise to think through what kind of equipment should be in the car for the Easter holidays," says Communications Manager Georg Richvoldsen of Codan Forsikring.

Waiting for car storage

At Easter, the rescue may not be so close either. Then it is very valuable to be able to manage yourself.

If you end up in the ditch, waiting for car storage can take many hours. If you have a tow rope in the car, it may keep getting help from someone else coming by.

The study shows that there is a difference between different age groups. While around 60 percent of those under the age of 50 have a jack in the car, almost 3 in 4 of those over 50 years of age carry a jack. And while around 20 percent of those under the age of 50 have tow ropes in the car, more than 1 in 3 of those over 50 have this in place.

Only cost a few hundred patches - very smart to have now

Differences between men and women

"Motorists over the age of 50 have often driven cars for many years and have often experienced situations where they had to change tires or needed a chain to get on a smooth ride. They may have learned from experience and realized that it may be a good idea to bring aids with them," says Richvoldsen.

The study also shows that there is a difference between women and men, where several male drivers bring some types of assistance. While 24 percent of women have starter cables in the car, 35 percent of men have it. 61 percent of women say they have a jack in the car, while 72 percent of men have it.

Check before the trip

"For equipment that is required to carry, warning triangle and reflective vest, there is little difference between women and men and around 90 percent have it in the car. It is important to remember that the reflective vest should be positioned so that it is accessible from the driver's seat. If you have to get out of the car on a busy road, remember to wear the reflective vest with reflective material. Then you become visible to other motorists and it is important to avoid accidents," says Richvoldsen.

PS: Before you embark on an Easter trip, it's a good idea to take a quick check of the car. Is it long since it has been in service? Then you may want to do it now. Also, check the condition of the tires and tire pressure. If the car remains stationary for many days during Easter, it is advisable to check the battery first. If you have a suspicion that it will start to fade, consider switching, or recharge it properly before you leave.

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