Participation in "Mie Road Safety and Environmental Festa 2019"!

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JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) Mie Branch (Head of the branch, Hisashi Kawakita) is the venue for the event "Mie Traffic Safety and Environment Festa 2019" to be held at the Mie Prefectural Museum (MieMu) on Saturday, September 28 Will exhibit a seat belt effect experience car.

This exhibition will show you the importance of wearing seat belts, one of the important items of this campaign, during the "Autumn National Traffic Safety Campaign" period, and help you protect yourself from traffic accidents. Purpose.

At the JAF corner, you will understand the effects and importance of wearing a seat belt by experiencing a collision at 5 km / h using a seat belt combiner (simulated collision experience vehicle). Also, if you answer the traffic safety quiz, we will exhibit a "Child Safety License" that allows you to issue a real license-like card on the spot, and a "Reflex Box" where you can experience the effects of reflectors.

Exhibition contents:

1.Seat belt effect experience "Seat Belt Combiner"

The appeal and importance of wearing a seat belt will be appealed by experiencing a 5 km / h collision.

2.Issuance of child safety license

In response to the traffic safety quiz, you will receive a photo card that looks just like a real license.

3.Reflector wearing effect experience "Reflex Box"

Experience the effect of wearing by shining light on the reflective material installed in a dark box.

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