With the beginning of the school year, hundreds of policemen are heading for school crossings

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With the first school day, the city police patrols begin a ten-month period during which they return to the pedestrian crossings at elementary schools every weekday.

For the first week of teaching, the Brno City Police have set aside three hundred policemen. In addition to stopping vehicles, they give away reflective material elements to children. The City Police patrols at more than 50 primary schools will ensure that schoolchildren cross roads safely, and drivers realize that they should slow down and sharpen before educational institutions. They should be more attentive in the morning and afternoon throughout the city. Children may be distracted and enter their path unexpectedly, run from behind the bus or otherwise confusing.

Stopping targets and luminous uniforms will be seen throughout the first week of the school year. "Everything starts over. After the holidays, individual and public transport are reinforcing, schoolchildren will be enthusiastic on the way to school to exchange their holiday experiences, and will be mischievous and distracted," says Luboš Oprchal, Director of the Brno City Police.

The city police equip the constables with several hundreds of reflective wheels that children can attach to their briefcase, backpack or clothes. The police officers donated another four thousand of these security elements to first-year kits, which the city of Brno intends to deliver to the benches.

The city police patrols will then take their long-term positions from the second week of the school. "We guarantee supervision all year round at eleven selected schools. However, according to staff capacities, we also randomly check risk positions at many other schools, up to thirty of them," says Pavel Čermák, Head of the Department of Public Order.

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