Expert gives keys to a good review of the car before the holidays

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A vehicle unprepared for long vacation routes can become a problem, not just momentary, but ruining family vacations. Therefore, making a timely and correct technical review can change everything. This is stated by the director of Mechanical Area Races of Inacap Headquarters Concepción-Talcahuano, Héctor del Pino Muñoz, who detailed a list of technical recommendations to end the vacation successfully.

The expert indicated that the first thing is to check that the vehicle documentation is up to date, such as the technical review; the payment of the circulation permit (for those who paid it in two installments); some additional insurance if you travel, for example, to Argentina.

Also, the safety elements of the vehicle: fire extinguisher loaded with a validity of the year, triangles, a first aid kit, and a green reflective safety vest. Also, check the condition of the tires, the most important thing is the tread, it must be at least 1.6 mm deep, less than that it must be replaced. Likewise, if a bulge is observed on one side, it means that the tire was struck laterally and a safety layer was broken, and it must be replaced in pairs, that is, the two front or rear.

Braking system

Then, check the brake system, check the wear of the brake pads and/or brake pads, that the disc and/or brake drum does not show deformations. Parallel to this, the state of the brake fluid must be checked, which, normally, every 30,000 to 40,000 km should be replaced. On vehicles with ABS brakes, electronic assistance must be checked using specialized instrumentation.

Once this is done, the coolant levels must be in normal condition, both in the radiator and in the compensation tank. This liquid should be replaced, generally, every 40 to 60 thousand kilometers, since it is the one that helps the cooling system to keep the engine at its optimum temperature and for the heating or air conditioning system to function properly.

Likewise, keeping oil changes up-to-date and performing engine tuning or maintenance for mileage will help more efficient starting, stable engine work, and quick responses.

Luggage transport boxes

Finally, if we add a luggage transport box to the vehicle, it is important to know that any element that is added to the vehicle is a strange element, which can affect driving.

Luggage boxes are ideal for transporting more cargo than specified for the vehicle, they are installed on the roofs of these and have been designed in size and aerodynamics to better adapt to the specific characteristics of each vehicle, significantly improving the performance of this.

Nowadays you can also find more flexible designs, called "Luggage Bags", bag type, that meet the specifications to carry extra cargo, where they have closure and have additional characteristics to support the load and the demands of the trip.

Also, "Cooler" type luggage racks, to transport perishable foods that require more time at low temperatures. Additionally, you can find multipurpose boxes, to load bicycles, animals, wheelchairs, or extra cargo.

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