Police keep reflective vest on the road

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With our press, release announced the police in the district of Menthe under the heading: "No foolish state of emergency at the wheel!" increased police checks on road traffic at carnival time.

On Saturday evening of February 25, 2017, about 8.30 pm, such a check was carried out, where a silver Audi A6 car approached the well-visible state control. The driver of the Audis disregarded not only the clearly visible with the police cell stop sign of a police officer, who stood despite bright street lighting with a reflective safety vest on the road, at the clearly marked with Lubbock hats checkpoint. Instead of braking, the Audi driver even gave a clearly audible full throttle. The police officer on the road could only bring himself to safety with a quick-acting jump and thus avoid a life-threatening collision. The Audi then fled further on the busy intersection Hart, although the local traffic lights for his direction showed red light. Nevertheless, it could be stopped and checked by police pursuit forces only a short time later in a parking lot at the road.

During the police check, the 51-year-old Audi driver immediately admitted that he had just built. He did not have a driver's license because he had long since lost it because of drunkenness in traffic and had not yet met the required for a re-distribution medical-psychological examination (MPU). For that reason, he did not want to stop.

A redistribution of a driving license should now be moved even further away. The police in safety clothing initiated a criminal case against the 51-year-olds, which is on the allegations "endangerment of road traffic by grossly anti-traffic and reckless driving" and "driving without a license.” The accused, who were not drunk on Saturday night, was expressly forbidden from driving any further without a driving license. Informed relatives picked up after completion of all measures at the police.

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