Fewer daylight hours increase dangers for pedestrians, cyclists

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As the clocks go back an hour for daylight time on Sunday, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are being reminded to take extra care to be alert and visible.

Typically, the month of November has the highest number of pedestrian-involved collisions, likely due to less number of daylight hours, according to the Region of York and York Regional Police.

To increase road safety, motorists should:

Avoid distractions and be aware of pedestrians and cyclists

Drive according to conditions

Ensure windshield wiper fluid is full and wipers are functioning properly

Make sure headlights are on when daylight is fading and it is dark

To increase safety, pedestrians should:

Avoid wearing dark clothing at night

Wear bright or light-colored clothing or reflective strips and walk with a flashlight to be more visible to motorists

Cross streets at designated crosswalks or intersections

Avoid distractions and make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street

To increase safety, cyclists should:

Have a white light at the front of their bicycle and a flashing red LED rear light

Wear light-colored clothing

Wear a safety vest or jacket with reflective material

Wear a strobe light on your arm

The Region and York police are holding a road safety event Wednesday, Nov. 6, from 4 to 6 pm at the intersection of McCowan Road and Highway in Markham, to remind drivers, pedestrians and cyclists the importance of being alert and visible as standard time Returns on Sunday, Nov. 3.

Police will be conducting radar surveillance and joining York Region staff in reminding motorists about the importance of being alert and watching for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as speaking to pedestrians and cyclists of the importance of being visible as daylight fades and it becomes dark.

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