How to start running: What to wear and how to dress

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What to wear if we want to run? Running is in contrast to tennis or skiing, and even more expensive sports activity relatively low-cost. First of all, you need quality shoes - that is how we start. Uppers can be purchased later and gradually.

Much has been written about the selection of shoes - so only briefly: there are plenty of running shoes and brands. There is no need to be 100% confident if you are not directly in the industry, but to go where you can try them well and where trained staff can advise you well. Avoid Asian kiosks and don't even pay a visit to a supermarket.

Price is not everything

The attractive price can be paid at a much higher price in terms of foot health or early failure and damage to such a "catch." Even in a sports-oriented mega-shop, those who are familiar with running shoes do not have to sell. Avoid shopping on the Internet if you are not sure about the sample you have had experience in. By far, it is best to visit a cross country special, where sellers are often runners themselves, enthusiastic about running and doing their jobs.

They will examine your step, the axis of your lower limbs, whether or not you have pronation and based on the results they will help you choose the appropriate shoe. The only difficulty is that these devices show how the leg works freshness, but not how it builds in fatigue: the difference can be considerable. But at first, you probably won't run a marathon right away.

Dress functionally

Clothing, including underwear, should be breathable, wicking moisture and sweat, and maintaining thermal comfort. So keep your cotton shirt to sleep. Functional clothing is usually made of synthetic materials that have better properties. The only drawback, however, is that it cannot be washed at higher temperatures, and over time it gets an unpleasant aroma as we sweat.

So when choosing clothes we prefer quality. While it is true that over time, both the T-shirt from the folk or the "café" and the branded shirt loses its functionality, but a higher-quality T-shirt will last longer and function better - keeping color and shape better.

And whatever to wear? On sunny days and temperatures corresponding to summer and warmer spring or autumn days, we choose a short shirt with shorts or shorts. If it cools, you can wear three-quarters, or a thin long one - and a thinner long-sleeved shirt - but if it blows, it suits the shit - at least a safety jacket. At temperatures around ten degrees, you will not feel very well in a short time. You can also withstand the thicker sweatshirts, top shirt (short or long), then another layer with long sleeves and possibly šusťákovku.

Under zero undersuits

As we approach zero, we choose thicker materials (which is not a wool sweater) - and more layers. On the body thin and then like onions. It is always better to undress and wrap the top layer after warming up rather than sweat in something strong or cool down if you take it off. Below zero, we already wear functional underwear on the body, on cold days also on the legs. Add fleece sweatshirt, and jacket (it will not feather). It is also suitable for warmed skirts, or those that you need for cross-country skiing. You'll also appreciate accessories such as gloves, a running hat or a headband - the cold, especially on wet days, is bloody crazy. Also, socks can be "winter" - not ski but still running.

Those who run often on the road, but also on cycle paths, should not forget the reflective clothing and accessories in the evening or winter and choose clothes in bright and bright colors. Reflective stripes even on the black jacket can be seen well when illuminated by car lights, cyclist's lamp or even headlamp. Seeing and being seen is important if we want to run safely.

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