Hunters equip the Stockheim Abc shooters with orange safety vests

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The Glückauf elementary school Stockheim is very concerned about the safety of their Abc- Schützen. On the second day of the school, the 41 first-graders of the school was equipped with orange, glowing children's warning vests with reflective strips in cooperation with the Hunting Protection.

The inscription "Achtung Frischlinge" has a double meaning, informs the district chairman of the hunter circle group Kronach, Bernhard Schmitt. Once the West should, of course, serve the safety of school children on their way to school because they are more visible to road users in the dark. On the other hand, it is about inspiring children for nature, the forest, animals and the environment. For this one will carry out several actions with the primary pupils at different seasons. The children should not only get to know the nature and animals in the classroom, in theory, using writing and pictures but during excursions in forests and meadows children should also be able to observe animals and nature up close.

The joyful children had at the presentation of their vest but also very specific questions to the hunter, which he had not expected. Why do you need hunters? Why are wild boars dangerous? Do hunters have to go to the forest at night? Does the hunter have to have a rifle? These and more questions showed the interest of the children and also that excursions and special lessons with huntsmen are not wrong, but there is a great need, stated Bernhard Schmitt based on the lively discussion. It is very good if elementary school students come into contact with the environment and nature and are sensitized outdoors on meadows and in the forest for nature and animal welfare. The safety vest with the words "Caution," should signal that children are on the road, who require special attention and caution on the road, but who are also keenly interested in nature, the environment and animals.

Headmistress Astrid Kestel thanked for the donation of the safety vests and pointed to several actions of the Happiness Elementary School later in the school year.

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