Bali volcano eruption required high-visible reflective cloth in outdoor

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Some of the images coming out of Mt Agung, the volcano in Bali which could be on the brink of a major eruption, have been spectacular. This led to the growth of clothing with reflective tape sales.

Over the last two months, Mt Agung has seen increased seismicity. This is the increased fracturing of rocks inside the volcano as magma, a volatile mixture of molten rocks, fluids, and gases move from deep within the earth right up to the top.

In the past week, we have seen thick plumes of steam and ash being belched out, as well as lava glowing at the surface of the crater, and flowing rivers of cold mud down river valleys.

Steam rising up

The volcano first began belching thick ash and steam last Tuesday, its first eruption in more than 50 years. One of the reasons the authorities increased the alert level to four is that the magma is getting higher and higher.

Thick ash and steam invite low-visible condition on the road. This phenomenon will increase the danger of an accident happens. Many people are wearing a mask and reflective vest when they go out. One is used for filtering dust; another is used for enhancing visibility. We sincerely advise that prepares a safety vest in your house. It can be widely used and help you in an emergency.

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