Car crashes with pedestrians significantly increased

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Police warn: There are too many injured pedestrians. Even at the crossroads.

A large number of accidents involving pedestrians brought to the attention of the policemen. While last year, from the beginning of November to 6 December, recorded six pedestrian-related accidents, this year 13 accidents in the same period. For the whole of November this year, police officers scrutinized five traffic accidents, in which four people seriously injured, one man seriously. For the first six days of December, police officers had to go to eight accidents where the pedestrian was a participant.

Police officers strongly warn road users to take full advantage of the roadside situation. "In all December accidents, pedestrians suffered serious injuries, but one woman, unfortunately, did not survive a car crash. All the accidents happened in the city, four of them on pedestrian crossings. For example, street of Social Care with three accidents with pedestrian attendance remains the risk. "said police spokesman Daniel Vital.

The overwhelming majority of people who have been knocked down are older people, only in three cases, participants under the age of 18. "Especially vulnerable groups are seniors who have less attention due to their age. They may find it harder and cannot react quickly enough to the situation," Vital continued.


The causes of such an unusually high number of clashes with pedestrians may be several. The increased road traffic density associated with upcoming holidays despite the reduced attention of people who do not get enough of the situation on the road in the hunt for Christmas presents to the worse visibility associated with the weather this season.

He was unpleasantly stamped by police statistics on pedestrian accidents and BESIP specialist Jan. He thinks pedestrians were in a bad time in the wrong place. At the same time, he remarked that after 16:00 the public lighting still does not shine.

"It is interesting that since the pedestrians must wear reflective vests when walking between villages, the numbers have grown. It is obviously a mistake that the obligation does not apply to the city. Many drivers drive for daylight, which does not illuminate the rear of the vehicle and even the road, and relies on the automatic. But it does not detect rain or fog. People should count on it and use reflective materials. "Peko warned.

Deputy Mayor Panel (ODS), who is in charge of subsidy projects, said that unsuitable transitions are large. "We will only seek appropriate subsidy titles, whether national, private or Europe. However, I would like to draw attention to the fact that different illumination of transitions also has a disadvantage. It will dazzle the driver so he will not see the pedestrian twenty meters behind the crossing. "he said.


Police officers strongly urge pedestrians to pay increased attention to road traffic. "It is essential to always look properly on both sides, even in places where traffic is controlled by light signaling," police spokesman Vital recommended, saying that it is not a matter of wearing reflective vests made with reflective tapes even in the city, even if the law does not stipulate it. "With regard to traffic density, an important preventive measure is to be seen. Reflective accessories can help prevent traffic accidents. "

At the same time, the police are asking all drivers to devote themselves fully to drive, complying with all laws, trying to predict dangerous situations and paying special attention to pedestrians. "It is better to come or come to the target later than to be exposed to the risk of an accident, which may have fatal consequences. The most beautiful gift is when all of us come together for Christmas, "added Vital.

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