From September 1, students in grades 1-4 should wear reflective vests in the evening

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Starting September 1, 2019, students in elementary schools (grades 1-4) must wear special reflective vests in the dark. This is reminded by the Center for Traffic Management on its Facebook page.

The decision made in the spring, during the All-Ukrainian coordination meeting on road safety. In July, the ex-head of government at the moment, Vladimir Groisman, announced that vests would be individual and free, showing examples of vests to participants in the discussion of the government's initiative "There Are No Alien Children". Primary school students provided with reflective vests as part of the State Program for Improving Road Safety in Ukraine for the period until 2020.

In total, 217.8 million UAH should be spent on providing reflective vests to primary school students, of which 184.9 million UAH this year. The program is financed at the expense of 5% of the state road fund. In total this year, students of grades 1-4 should be provided with reflective vests, the number of which in the new academic year, according to the Ministry of Education, will be 1.72 million people. As of July 30, vests with reflective material were never purchased, as reported by Ukrinfraproekt.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Justice reported that they had not developed any decisions on the issue of reflective vests with reflective tape to schoolchildren for safety on the road.

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