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As part of a nationwide social campaign, policewomen visited the Primary School. During the meeting with the children, they talked about safe behavior on the road. In the end, each participant received a reflective vest with reflective tape.

At the end of November, policewomen from the Social Prevention, Minority, and Pathology Team visited the Primary School as part of a nationwide social campaign called "Good to see you". The action takes place as part of the implementation of the "Safe Road" project, the aim of which is to improve the safety of vulnerable road users, in particular children and adolescents.

Policewomen talked with students about road safety. They discussed topics related to proper behavior and appropriate reaction in case of danger, including knowledge of emergency numbers and the way of informing the services about the traffic incident. The children actively participated in the meeting, asking questions in the field of road traffic, but also willingly answered questions asked by policewomen. At the end of the meeting, all participants received a reflective vest with reflective material.

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