In autumn more dangers on the road

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Let us remember that autumn is a time of year when we face special threats. Poor visibility, quickly falling dusk, rainfall or fog are factors that require special attention from drivers and pedestrians. That is why we urge you to increase care for your safety on the road.

Autumn is one of the most difficult periods for drivers, the early fall of dusk, which is often accompanied by bad weather conditions drastically limiting visibility, significantly impair road safety. We remind you what to look for when driving in autumn and how to prepare your vehicle for driving during this period.

In autumn, the days are relatively short compared to those to which summer has accustomed us. The most difficult conditions for the driver when it comes to visibility are early evening or morning when it rains. Then we have the impression that the lights do not illuminate the road and pedestrians become completely invisible. It is worth remembering that in the fall, when it gets dark, many people are just returning from work and the traffic is the largest then. Let's be aware of how the car behaves in the wet. The braking distance is considerably longer, and entering the corner too quickly may result in driving straight ahead.

The period between summer and winter is a period full of traps waiting for drivers. That is why we advise you to focus especially on roads that you do not know. Even when it is not raining, the surface is often wet or has a variable grip. Driving a dry road we may be surprised that the road turns or just before it turns out to be wet. Even if there is no ice on the road, summer hard tires on wet, cold surfaces will behave almost like when driving on snow. Leaves and mud are another trap waiting for drivers. We advise you to be vigilant in wooded areas, where leaves fall on the road. When the leaves get between the tire and the surface, the grip becomes very low and even the stabilization systems of the track or preventing the wheels from breaking during braking will not help. Moving on the roads in forest areas, remember about the activity of forest animals that can cross the road.

Two additional elements affect driving safety in the autumn and winter, and which do not require large financial outlays. First of all, it is a good condition of the wiper blades, because frequent rainfall, combined with darkness, requires the best possible visibility, and at the same time clean glass without streaks. The second thing is efficient and properly set lighting. The next few days are a good opportunity to check if all the lights are on, but also if the headlights are shining at the right angle.

All pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers of other two-wheelers should remember about their safety and ensure that they are visible. A reflective vest with reflective tape, key ring, headband, or even an ordinary flashlight will make it easier for the oncoming driver to move around when the road is dim. Although traffic regulations do not impose the obligation to use vests and reflective materials in built-up areas, they greatly improve visibility, giving drivers valuable time to take the right response - often saving health and life.

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