In the province, carefree bicycle racing has begun

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I am a cyclist who respects Lithuanian laws and rides a registered, technically correct bicycle with safety lights.

Panoro for a ride I want to tell a story that took place on a beautiful and sunny morning on a quiet street in my bedroom area. At this time in the provincial town little action, just a beautiful, calm morning. My pedals and suddenly out of a police road patrol car stopping by, the tough question is, "Why no vest?" Yes, I was without that funny vest sew on reflective tape, but my sportswear is light reflective. Moreover, the summer sun is shining in such a way that such questions seem absurd. Checked sobriety In my response to forgetting the vest, accepting the note and apologizing, the patrols of the road ignored and immediately demanded ID documents and then blown into an alcotester. To be frank, I was just overwhelmed by their demands. The arrogance of the police and the attitude of the rulers of the situation was simply shocking. The apologies and logical arguments that sunny morning, not a vest think, understand - hurry, they did not pay much attention.

Just sitting in your car did the bureaucratic formalities while teasing your computer without trying to explain something humanly. He eventually fined and was very pleased with it. Penalty for driving without a vest is 5 euros. But that was only said at the end of the formalities. For the most part, it was simply a demonstration of the power of young officers.

An unpleasant encounter And I have come to realize that people who are dependent on us for all of our taxes, whose duty it is to help us, are punishing me on an equal footing with such satisfaction that my thoughts are different. They don't care about the human factor at all - formalities, rules, and sometimes clever laws are their weapon, but they are used not to improve the situation, but to sharpen and tense it.

I have lived in Western Europe for many years, cycling in the opposite direction, but I have never had such particularly unpleasant encounters. I hope this story is heard and understood correctly by both cyclists and cops.

"Requirements for cyclists"

Among these requirements, and the requirement to wear a bright-colored safety vest with reflective elements or white light at the front of the bicycle and red at the rear of the vehicle. Cyclists in traffic must be sober, obey the legitimate demands of police officers, test their sobriety, and verify their identity. Please note that there is considerable police attention to the safety of cyclists. Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users, so the focus is on the safety measures they use to ensure the safety of the cyclists themselves.

"It is quite difficult to comment on this situation as no further details and circumstances are known. Was the person on the road or the sidewalk or maybe on the sidewalk? Therefore, we would not like to interpret. Just reiterating that cyclists are very vulnerable road users and often endanger not only themselves but also others when driving drunk or without a vest. There is no attempt to create as many obstacles as possible for cyclists. On the contrary, the police want to ensure their safety and do their utmost to reduce the number of accidents on the road," said a spokeswoman for the Lithuanian Road Police.

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