In this class, all students wear a reflective vest every day to and from school

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Better results are difficult to achieve. From the fall break to the winter break, only one student out of the 20 in the class forgot the reflective vest once. The rest of the class used reflective vest every day, says Rector Ragnar DG Buer.

On Friday morning before the school bell rang for school start, the winner of the Båstad school's reflex competition was announced. The registration showed that 99.9 percent of the students in the class had used a reflective vest during the period from the autumn holidays until now.

"The school's 7th grade also has a high reflective vest with reflective material and came in second place," informs the headmaster.

The reflective competition which is to check which of the classes is best to use the reflective vest in the period between the autumn holidays and the winter holidays. The class that has the highest percentage of students with reflective vests runs away with the victory. Although this is a relatively simple and unpretentious competition, it is an important topic that we focus on and which the students take most seriously, says Principal Buer.

The fact that students take road safety seriously shows the use of reflective vest in recent years.

"The school year 2014/2015 used just over 97 percent of the student's reflective vest. The 2015/2016 school year was 97.8 percent," says Buer.

How many students do not have a reflective vest with reflective tape in these years?

"To put it this way, the students have forgotten the vest together 234 times," he replies.

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