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The police and the two-wheeler-mechanic guild in the circle Steinfurt make themselves strongly for safety on two wheels. Both partners signed a cooperation agreement in spring.

With the onset of the dark season, they are now paying special attention to cyclists. In addition to general bicycle checks, the police in the district of Steinfurt these days checked mainly children and adolescents and senior citizens. "It's about two topics: safety and visibility," said Police Chief Commissioner Andrea Kruger. The officials take the condition of the two-wheelers in the view and look on the right equipment such as a safety helmet or safety vest.

Traffic safety consultants Andrea Kruger and Klaus, head of traffic accident prevention and victim protection of the district police department, are very satisfied with the recent check-up at a Rheingau Gymnasium. "There we just spent eight flaws.", Says Klaus. The defects are noted on a corresponding form. "We give this at school, this hands it to the children and the parents have to sign it," Kruger explains the procedure.

The companies of the two-wheeler mechanics guild offer a special service. If a child comes to them with a defect note, they repair the wheel - and only charge the material costs. "We pay the labor costs," says Stefan , deputy foreman.

With regard to seniors, the police make strong, among other things for bicycle helmets. Anyone traveling with an e-bike should definitely wear a helmet and reflective clothing. "It is also important that the helmet fits," emphasizes Kruger.

In addition to the protective helmet, the police recommend wearing reflective waistcoats with reflective tapes and ribbons for the arms and legs during the dark months of the year. "Those who are so equipped, drivers perceive true from a distance of 100 meters," emphasizes Andrea Kruger.

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