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In the framework of the survey in the Provincial Network of Trails, in the last two weeks were signaled: Lacuna DE lo Pompano (Churriguera Glacier), Cicero Bridges, Velveeta AL Cicero Cortege, Marquesas Lagoon and Cicero Del Media.

The work of signaling on the trails of Serra Del Fugue was coordinated with Municipal Civil Defense, an institution that is part of the Auxiliary Commission and the Beguine Tourism Institute, with the aim of homogenizing the signage on all trails for public use with In order to improve the safety of the walkers.

In this sense, from the Planning area of the Institute indicated that in this stage began with the marking of five trails that are often chosen by residents and tourists for trekking in the Province.

"The signage placed in the forest area consists of sheets with bank-colored reflective tape, indicating the way to go; and yellow color pointing the way back. While for the area of wetlands and open spaces were placed yellow stakes with reflective tape, and marks of white and yellow paint were made in Percheron sites, "explained the reference of the area of Development of the Tourist Offer, Victoria Edda.

In this way 230 plates, 20 stakes were placed and more than 100 marks were made outside the vegetation limit in the five trails.

For his part, the president of INFUETUR Luis Caster highlighted the work that is being developed in conjunction with other institutions and asked the walkers not to damage the marks, not to remove the stakes since they are essential to maintaining safety on the trails. "In the coming months the technical team of the Institute together with the mountain guide Sebastian Trammel will continue advancing with the surveying and signaling of approximately 15 trails in total," he said.

"We also remember to maintain the cleanliness, take care of the natural sites and respect the recommendations for the walker," added Caster.


The INFUETUR with the support of public organizations and associations related to tourism offered the following recommendations:


- The trails must be chosen according to the length of time, experience and physical preparation of the walker. It is recommended to find out the geographical characteristics of the area and plan trekking or hiking in the company of one or more people.

- It is recommended to have the guidance of a qualified guide, especially if activities will be carried out in the mountain, which has a higher risk, so it is important to hire a specialized guide, through a local tourism agency.

- The use of cell phones with GPS and/or applications such as Google Maps or Kilocycle allow you to have maps of different places, in some of them, you can also preload the route. Sufficient cellular battery must be carried, both for the use of GPS and for communication in case of emergency.

- The trails in Serra Del Fugue are for use only for walkers and in some cases for cyclists. Traffic is prohibited. It is also recommended not to take pets because they disturb the native animals, in the case of carrying them on a leash.

- You must check in advance the places allowed to make fire. At the checkpoints, you can consult the Forest Fire Hazard Index, or on the Facebook page Secretary of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change of TD


Find out the weather conditions, taking into account that on the same day you can change the temperature, and have rain or snow even in summer.


Leaving early with the sunrise assures the traveler the possibility of taking advantage of the sunlight hours. In addition, it is necessary to anticipate the time of return. Always finish the activities before nightfall.


- The most appropriate is to wear warm clothes and dress "in layers" which allows you to remove or add garments and protect your body from possible changes in temperature. To have a waterproof jacket, waterproof/thermal pants, polar or cotton coat or thermal t-shirt. Wear gloves, scarf or buff and hat. It is recommended to wear a reflective vest.

- As for footwear, we recommend boots or boots, not being appropriate shoes with a flat sole, or nautical shoes, rubber boots, or with heel/platform. During a walk, it is possible to find sectors of peat, small streams, loose stones and/or mud, so having proper footwear is essential.

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