Ole-Kristian (10) and Andreas (9) ride Nordkapp-Lindesnes

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"We have a month holiday and the starting point was that we should see how far we have come. Now we are well on track to reach the dream," says dad Oyvind Kvaerner.

1000 kilometers

It all started last summer when the Kværnes family watched some old video footage from when Oyvind cycled the trip a few years ago.

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"I thought this was something we could do as a family, but I probably thought it would be years before it was possible," Oyvind says.

But a quick google search showed that it was not at all impossible for youngsters to embark on the stubborn journey.

"The youngest we found who had ridden Nordkapp-Lindesnes was 11 years old, and then we thought we only had to pull around if we were to beat him," he laughs.

By today's stage, the boys in the family have cycled over 1,000 kilometers. Since the Lofast crossing, mum Hanne and little sister Ingvild (7) have followed the cyclists with a companion car. This afternoon the family of five came to Bodo with the Moskenes ferry.

"We had three kids on the rap to do such things together, but since we have farmed this is the first time it has been possible," explains mom Hanne.

Get with the team

This is the fourth time Oyvind has embarked on Norway long-term, but when he now bikes with his sons it is naturally a slightly different experience.

"The other times it was just about cycling as fast as possible and keeping oneself the same. Now I have to bring the whole team, and of course take a lot more responsibility," he explains.

"We take a lot of responsibility even then," Ole-Kristian says.

June 26, the trio started in the North Cape. They cycle an average of 8 to 10 miles per day and maintain an average speed of 16-17 km / h. To make the trip as safe as possible, all three have reflective vest with reflective tape and light on both the front and the back of the bike. Dad forms the rear guard and lies a little further out in the road than the boys to screen for traffic. He is also the helper rider who provides enough nutrition.

"I drive up the side and push in some biscuits. A lot is going on in oatmeal to keep energy levels up along the way. In the evenings we usually eat regular dinner.

"Yes only twice as much as usual," corrects the 10-year-old.

Good to sleep

So far, the trip has gone better than expected for the boys.

"We have been incredibly lucky with the weather. Today we probably had the finest day so far, with sun and wind," says Oyvind.

"Yes and it has not been a year of gnawing, and no punctures or accidents. Just happy guys," Hanne adds.

"The scariest thing that happened was when you almost overturned the bike," says Ole-Kristian, pointing to Andreas.

"Yes, it was in the walkway," says Daddy Oyvind.

And although there is a happy and satisfied group that meets Ans's envoy, there is no doubt that it takes cycling Norway longitudinally.

What has been the best thing about the trip then?

"To sleep," Andreas says with heartfelt laughter from the whole family.

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