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At the beginning of school, the Taferlklassler of the elementary school Stoob of Provincial Governor Hans Peter Doskozil and ARBÖ President Peter Rezar received reflective children's warning vests.

"Motorists - especially in the fall and in the dark season - have to take care of the youngest road users", said Governor Doskozil.

To ensure that the Taferlklassler are definitely on their way to school when they have to crossroads or be in the foreseeable future in darkness and fog, the ARBÖ in Burgenland, with the support of the governor, equips all students of the first-grade elementary school with the orange safety vests. "The children's warning vests provide more safety on the way to school and can also be worn during leisure time," said the ARBÖ president.

Risk of accidents

Motorists also benefit when the children are traveling with the safety vests in twilight and fog: for motorists on dark, dark autumn and winter days with poor visibility other road users are more difficult to perceive, and therefore increases the risk of accidents.

According to Statistics Austria, in 2018 54 children were injured in road traffic accidents in Burgenland. Governor Doskozil and President Rezar call on all motor vehicle drivers, in the vicinity of schools - and kindergartens - particularly attentive, to drive slowly and carefully by car so that there are no accidents. "For motorists, it must be a matter of course, in streets that are heavily frequented by children to slow down the pace," said the Governor.

Important contribution

Every year, ARBÖ Burgenland invests more than 7,000 euros in the "Safe to School" campaign. Around 3,000 safety vests sew on reflective tape are distributed in elementary schools. "This is an important contribution of the ARBÖ Burgenland so that nothing happens to our little ones on their way to school," says the ARBÖ president.

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