Reflective vests cleaning tips

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Nowadays, the use of reflective clothing in life is more and more common, and the consumption of reflective clothing is also increasing. How to use correctly and wash it to prolong its service life is everybody's concern. Now let's talk about the items that should be paid attention to during the cleaning process.

The reflective clothing was made of reflective fabric which was used in a use of special technic in its’ production process. So we cannot run and ring while cleaning the reflective vests, because it can damage the reflective fabric, thus affecting the normal use of the reflective vests.

Second, it cannot soak in water that over 30 degrees, with too high temperature water immersion will damage the reflective effect of clothes, while the reflective vests cannot be placed in the washing machine.

Finally, when drying, it cannot be placed under the sun exposure, sun exposure will weaken the effect of the reflection of clothes. If there is a little mud stain or stain on the safety vests, just wipe it with a soft fabric. When you really need to wash, you must choose to use neutral detergent to wash, and then placed in the shade to dry.

Therefore, in order to make the life of reflective tapes longer, we must clean clothes according to the correct way.

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