Schools in Ukraine Open on September 1. What's New?

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In Ukraine, the announcement of mandatory uniforms and grades from schools will be removed. What will change in school life since September 1st?

From 1 September 2019, the Ukrainian schools will cancel the use of mandatory form, electronic student cards will be used and a new menu will be created in the canteens.


Children who do not have the necessary vaccinations cannot enter schools and kindergartens. If parents refuse to vaccinate their children because of their position in life, they can write a petition to the head of the educational institution for distance or individual education.

Use with Reflective Vest

A new rule comes into force: 1-4. Classroom students need to wear reflective vests with reflective tapes on their way to school and home during the day.

E-Student Ticket

Instead of regular student tickets, all students are transferred to electronic tickets. This will allow parents to monitor the child's movements in the city using a special application and allow students to escape from the queues on the subway.

Free Education Form Selection

Teachers will prepare a special curriculum for children who cannot attend classes due to illness or have difficulty in playing sports and playing instruments.

Non-teachers can also take courses

To solve the problem of a lack of specialist teachers, any association and organization can be used for lessons.

Announcement of Student Grades

Teachers are prohibited from announcing student grades throughout the classroom. In the direct lesson, the teacher can assess the student in general terms but can tell the grade individually during breaks or after lessons.

Not Honorable Schools, Children

Schools will no longer be honored in their work. Every child is different and their abilities are different. Some are better in sports, some in music, each capable in itself.

New Food Menu

All schools in Kyiv should have a multi-choice menu before the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Lunch will not be more expensive because the products in it will not change. Innovation will give students the right to choose.

New Program in Ukrainian Literature

In the new school year, the current program for Ukrainian literature has changed; some works have been removed, some have been added.

More Opportunities for Educating Children at Home

From September onwards, parents of school children are of any type of individual education: a family (home) education, external studies or pedagogical patronage.

New Learning Rules for Inclusive Groups

If a child in need of special education is enrolled in an out-of-school institution, his or her parents or legal representatives must apply.

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