Sports in black light

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The so-called Sports in black light days will be held for the third time from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th December.

The days are held by volleyball club, football club SSS'18, korfball club DES and handball association Manual. Play volleyball, korfball, handball, and indoor football in an almost dark hall, while enjoying the music. There is completely darkened with only UV lighting. The lines, net edges, balls, baskets, and goals are covered with fluoridating materials.

The football players bite the ball on Wednesday 27 December. On Thursday, December 28, the handball players are at the turn during the day and the volleyball players in the evening. The korfball close the tournament on December 29th. The players must be clearly visible and recognizable and may completely loose with neon paint, hairspray, reflective nail polish, and black or reflective clothing with reflective tape, whether or not treated with neon paint. This is to ensure that they are clearly visible in the dark. Those who do not have neon paints themselves can make their faces. After the prize-giving ceremony, there will be an after-party in the sports café, which also has the same black light atmosphere.

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