The pedestrian did not survive the collision with the car, the pedestrian in Kindy had more luck

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In the village of Eleven in the Desk Krummhorn region, a 72-year-old pedestrian died on Sunday evening when crossing the road. Senior arrived in high speed at an arriving car. However, it was not the only Sunday accident involving a pedestrian.

"An older man (75 years old) went in the direction of Eleven Sandra and decided to cross the main road perpendicular to the gas station," said Katakana Overhaul, spokeswoman for the police.

But at the same time, a blue ford was coming in the direction of Appliance. Then the car picked up the left front of the pedestrian. The impact strength is evidenced by the broken windshield. After the crash, the senior finished on the road. His injuries were so serious that he succumbed to them.

The driver did not breathe alcohol, the drug test was negative. "The police also found that the dead pedestrian was wearing no reflective clothing. He was wearing a dark black jacket and gray trousers," Overhaul said.

With the fact that the reflective tape can save a life especially at this time of year.

A similar accident was dealt with by police officers in Accomplice on Sunday afternoon. One minute before 4 pm, a senior in Kindy knocked down a pedestrian who went after the crossing. A sixty-two-year-old woman was transported by a helicopter to a Plebe hospital.

At the same time, the South Moravian police reported on a Wednesday's accident, when the car also knocked the pedestrian down at Overnice Street in Brno.

"The driver agreed to take her to the hospital after the accident with the woman, but after the handover of the woman in the hospital, he did not return to the scene of a traffic accident, nor did he report the incident to the police as required by law," police spokesman David Chapkan said.

The police are now asking drivers and witnesses to stop at the nearest police station or call 158.

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