The police handed people reflective vests

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They talked about the safety of the residents of the Day Home Stay "Senior Vigor" from the local police station and the importance of wearing reflective clothing at night. It was not just a talk.

The meeting was full of lively discussion of what to do to feel safe. The policemen put a lot of emphasis on the rules of road traffic. They used a series of negative and positive behaviors of pedestrians and cyclists to show that simple solutions ensure safety, such as using reflective tapes when you go outside.

Fraud methods are another topic of the meeting. The methods used by criminals are frauds "for granddaughter", " a policeman", " a social worker". That's why Janice policemen educated seniors what to do if one of them received a phone request for urgent cash borrowing, press officer of the Pavia Police Headquarters. The district gave the participants a reflective vest. They will be useful to seniors every day and when they set off on bicycle trips.

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