Traffic regulations in Norway - are you sure you know them?

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Living in the Country of Fjords requires Norwegian Polonia not only to know where to find a job, what rates apply and in which industries it is best to find employment. Every day, many of us use cars, and for this reason, it is worth knowing which traffic regulations in Norway apply. Even if you live here for many years - it's worth remembering some of them.

The speed ​​limit in Norway

The basic road rules in Norway relate primarily to the maximum speed limit. It is worth starting with this issue - especially since the law on this level slightly differs from what we are used to in Poland.

Like in our homeland, the built-up area has a maximum speed of up to 50 km / h. The exceptions are areas around housing estates where this limit can be reduced to as much as 30 km / h.

Road regulations in Norway are different, however, outside built-up areas, where drivers can move at a maximum speed of 80 km / h. This limit does not apply to cars with a trailer without brakes and is accordingly lower.

Passenger cars and those that do not exceed 3.5 tons of maximum load capacity can travel on expressways at a speed of 90 km / h. Heavier or equipped vehicles with a semi-trailer cannot exceed 80 km / h.

On motorways, the maximum speed limit is 110 km / h. However, this provision only applies to passenger cars and cars not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Other vehicles may not exceed 80 km / h.

Other traffic regulations in Norway

Drivers on Norwegian roads must remember to turn on the low beam throughout the year. All passengers must also have their seatbelts fastened, and this requirement also applies to travelers who take up the rear seats. Provided that the vehicle has been fitted with such safeguards.

Car equipment

It is worth knowing that the road regulations in Norway distinguish two elements of mandatory equipment. These are at least one reflective vest with reflective tape and a warning triangle. It is recommended, however, that the car also has: first aid kit, fire extinguisher, set of spare bulbs, spare wheel, and tow rope.

Driving culture and other conditions

Other important traffic regulations in Norway include in particular:

blood alcohol limit - you cannot drive with more than 0.2 promise;

Telephone calls can only be made with a hands-free kit. The screen of the device cannot be touched even when it is in a special holder;

all children up to the age of 4 must be transported in dedicated car seats;

pedestrians on lanes always have priority.

When to change tires for summer in Norway?

In Norway, there is also a period during which winter tires must be used. Similarly, there is a legally determined date on which summer tire sets can be fitted. Depending on the region, it looks like this:

As a rule, winter tires should be worn from November 1 to the first Sunday after Easter.

The exception is some northern districts, in which this period is extended and lasts from October 15 to May 1.

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