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In Spain you have to wear two prescription glasses, in Belgium, the biker has to wear the prescribed clothes, and when you park your car in Estonia on a hill, you must secure it with your lap. Did you know that? We have focused on all the differences in compulsory equipment and have given you a comprehensive overview.

Often, the driver thinks he is required by the mandatory equipment, as in the Czech Republic, and argues this fact either by the Vienna or Geneva Convention. The problem is that these conventions only mention the technical equipment of a vehicle, not the mandatory equipment of the car. So we have to recall the vehicle differently from each country.


Motorcyclists must wear protective clothing: gloves, jacket with long sleeves, trousers with long trousers and boots with ankle protection. The reflective vest is mandatory only for motor vehicle drivers. The fire extinguisher is mandatory for vehicles registered in Belgium, for foreign vehicles there is only a recommendation.


All vehicles, except motorcycles, shall be fitted with a fire extinguisher. A reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who leaves the vehicle during an emergency, even for bikers.


Children under 12 years old must not travel in the front seats. The exception is children up to 2 years old placed in the "egg" and with the airbag off. Children under 12 years old are not allowed on a motorcycle or moped. Vehicles with a trailer must have 2 triangles. The reflective vest is mandatory only for motor vehicle drivers.


The fire extinguisher and the reflective vest are not required but are recommended in the vehicle. On motorways, the driver must use his car's warning lights to warn other motorists against the formation of a column or other hazards (such as an accident, road hazard).


A reflective vest with reflective material is mandatory for anyone who exits the vehicle during a low visibility emergency. The fire extinguisher is part of the obligatory equipment of a two-track motor vehicle. It is mandatory to carry two wheel chocks (wood or plastic blocks) to prevent possible movement when the vehicle is parked on a hill.


A pedestrian or vehicle crew moving on a road in reduced visibility must wear reflective features or a reflective vest.


Motorcycle helmets shall have reflective elements according to ECE Regulation 22-04, paragraph 6.16. Helmets approved by the French authorities without reflective stickers can be used. Motor drivers and bikers must have an alcotester in their means of transport, but no fine will be imposed if they cannot show it during a police roadside check. A child under 10 years old must not travel in the front seat if the rear seats are free. Reflective vest is mandatory for everyone on board a vehicle with 2 or more wheels (eg: motorcycle, passenger car, van, caravan, truck) - sanctions from 90 to 750 Euros.

Since 1 July, a low-emission zone has been introduced in Paris and it is necessary to have a low-emission plaque. Cyclists, bikers and motor drivers are not allowed to listen to music and handsfree ear sets.


Children traveling in vehicles registered abroad must be secured by the legislation in force in the country of origin. A reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who exits a motor vehicle during an emergency. This Regulation shall not apply to motorcycles. A cyclist riding a road in low visibility or a tunnel must wear a reflective vest with reflective tape.


Children under the age of five may under no circumstances be carried in the front passenger seat. It is forbidden for drivers to consume food and drink while driving. Each vehicle must have two warning triangles as required.


Children under 12 years and less than 1.35 m cannot be transported in the front seats of cars. The obligation to carry a fire extinguisher is only in a two-track vehicle. The reflective vest is mandatory only for drivers.

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