Vilnius Marathon is a place where companies showcase their creativity

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On Sunday, the streets of Vilnius occupied by runners. Almost 12,000 participants from Lithuania and 40 countries participated in the Vilnius Marathon for the sixteenth consecutive year. A wide audience, public attention, and freedom of clothing allow companies to advertise their services without major investment, and this is used by more and more organizations every year.

Every year more and more companies participate in the Vilnius Marathon in order not only to motivate their employees but also to use the opportunity to advertise their services. The uniformed outfits of the collectives give the event a glamor and variety, and the participants or spectators are direct advertising. Trends of recent years show that the Vilnius Marathon is becoming not only a wellness event but also a relatively open space for advertising without major investments. The 2019 Marathon is no exception. Among the 12,000 participants, various examples of advertisements could be seen. From uniform t-shirts with company slogans or company colors to professional outfits - reflective workwear with reflective tape and mechanic overalls.

While most organizations choose simple solutions - T-shirts with logos and slogans - other companies are committed to bolder action. This year, marathoners could also see unconventional solutions - staff with professional clothing or costumes specially designed for the event. One of the most divisive is 5km. a distance runner whose suit was made of a doormat. "We are very focused on social responsibility, primarily environmental protection. All of our products are recycled to the maximum extent, saving materials and reducing environmental pollution. The Vilnius Marathon is another social responsibility activities that encourage our employees to adopt healthy and responsible lifestyles. At the same time, we wanted to draw the attention of those around us, so we provided runners with high visibility work clothes and recycled over 130 plastic bottles to make the mat. This outfit and our team t-shirt with the slogan "I run because I care" not only reflect our values, but also promote the services we provide, and the marathon is a great place to showcase it to a direct audience, "commented Lindström marketing manager Giedre Landsberg.

Promoting your services during the Vilnius Marathon is a convenient and inexpensive solution for companies as this advertising space is not taxable. This allows companies to create and display advertising to an in-depth audience. The growing number of running organizations just dictates that the marathon will gradually become an increasingly popular medium for advertising. For the sixteenth consecutive year, the Vilnius Marathon has attracted more than 12,000 participants from all over Lithuania and 40 countries worldwide. The race is oriented to the widest possible audience, so participants can choose from 42 km, 21 km, 10 km. And 5 km of distances that run through the whole city of Vilnius.

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