What do you have to have on your bike?

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Do you know what you have to have when you go on a motorcycle? Read it with us.


Leather is firmer and safer, but initially certainly less comfortable. Choose also according to use on a particular type of motorcycle. Sport motorcycle used on the circuit deserves a quality one-piece overall from renowned manufacturers. When driving on the road, feel free to buy a two-piece jumpsuit - it's more comfortable and practical. Textile clothing is more comfortable, can be very waterproof and on hot days provides better material permeability and opening breaths better ventilation. By its very nature, however, it cannot protect as well as good leather.

If possible, choose clothing at the store where you can sit on your motorcycle and see if you feel comfortable and will not squeeze you anywhere. All protectors, pads, and protectors should have their safety attestation. They must be firmly held in exposed areas, otherwise, they will not protect in an accident! This is especially true for kevlar jeans or lightweight textile jackets that are comfortable but are ideal for a quiet city ride. The more uppers you wear, the more protection. T-shirt and shorts mean a lot of pain even in a small fall and we see very often that bikers ride without gloves. Don't do it. Never! It is advisable to choose clothes that contain reflective material elements. Most reputable manufacturers already count on this and the reflective tape elements are integrated into such products. Otherwise, ordinary green braces will suffice. Being seen is important!


A helmet is mandatory when riding a motorcycle. Make sure it has a European homologation. Not all helmets have it and are careful when buying online from overseas. When choosing to take a better close, over time it squeezes out. On the other hand, you must be well in it and nowhere must strictly push that it would be unbearable in the long run. Always buy a new helmet, not second-hand, as it will never fit your head. Make sure you can see it well. You should keep your eyes in the lower half of the visor so that you do not have limited visibility when cornering. If you put it on correctly, you must not see its top edge. The most vulnerable are open helmets or dumpers.

It loses its properties during long-term use (recommended after 5 years). Make sure the plexiglass is in good condition and not scratched - it can throw unpleasant reflections in bad weather conditions. Avoid buying the cheapest helmets on the market. The helmet is never spared!


Without a meter! If you don't believe, climb on a chair and jump on the asphalt by hand. Then you understand why. There is a huge selection, including several different protectors on them. Sports gloves tend to have a tiny finger and finger ring for better protection when dropped. They will not be on long journeys but as comfortable as traveling gloves. Gloves with shorter wrists are suitable for the city.

Waterproofness and the ability to keep your hands warm are appreciated, but it is a compromise, the glove should also ventilate to keep the hand from sweating and slipping. It is ideal to have two gloves, one for warm and the other for cold weather. The hands must fit perfectly on all fingers and the palms should not rake. More expensive models may have an integrated rubber on the finger, which can be wiped off with water drops while driving in the rain.


They must be firm, at least above the ankles, to protect the leg well. We know from practice that a jacket can last a lifetime, but motorcycle boots rarely last more than two seasons. There are also models in which you have an internal hard shell forever and only the outer shell changes. But count on a higher price. Pay attention to the size. Your foot controls many fine motorcycle functions, so it should not "swim" in the shoe. The driver should have an instep and foot feel. The comfort of the more expensive models is aided by the removable inner shoe. High-quality waterproof membranes keep feet dry even during all-day rain. If you are riding only in summer, try shoes with a perforation that ventilates well.

Rigid motocross boots are extremely safe, but keep in mind that you won't have such a feeling in them at least at the beginning. Also, they have a high instep, so you will need to adjust the height of the shift and rear brakes. There are also lower shoes that fit into the city for a quieter ride and can even walk well because they look civilian and are comfortable to walk.


Back protection in the form of a back protector should be a matter of course. Some jackets have already built. A chest protector is also often used on the race track, which closes under the jumpsuit. There are special vests on the market with an airbag that inflates in the event of an accident. Some manufacturers are already able to integrate airbags into jackets or overalls but expect a higher price. Cold and cold worsen the work of the muscles - from the toes to stiff neck or cramped feet. Think again, it's better to wear more than less! Do not underestimate the protection of the neck, which is very exposed when driving. The neckerchief or just a scarf or a full hood helps in warm weather. If you cannot fasten your trouser jacket, get a kidney belt to keep it from blowing on your back.

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