Yellow Vests: the 4th Assembly of Assemblies to structure the movement?

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On November 1, 2 and 3, Yellow Vest delegations from all over France will be present in Montpellier where the 4th Assembly of Assemblies will be held.

While the Yellow Vest movement will be celebrating its first birthday in a month, some of them want to organize themselves nationally. It is for this purpose that we will be held the 4th Assembly of Assemblies (ADA), 1, 2 and 3 November in Montpellier. Four of the organizers explained the process and their expectations for this meeting, which was primarily a time for exchange and sharing.

Compare the different issues

For almost a year, the Yellow Vests have been angry and aspirations of a whole section of the population. Roundabouts Saturday demonstrations, the movement has spread throughout France. But without a real global organization, with the only way to federate the din of social networks and a media image that escaped them, many quickly asked the question of the scope to give.

This is how the Vests Yellow Commercy invited last December to the first ADA. On January 26 and 27, 300 people, with the voice of 75 groups, participate. "A rewarding experience because we have been able to compare all the issues in the field," says Christophe, who had been mandated to represent a group from Montpellier.

The result will be an appeal to Yellow Vest groups across the country: "Let's organize ourselves democratically, autonomously and independently. This ADA is an important step that allows us to discuss our demands and our means of action. Let us federate to transform society. Two other assemblies will follow in Saint-Nazaire in April and Montceau-Les-Mines in June each bringing together between 700 and 800 people.

ADA Montpellier

If the structuring of the movement seems an essential element to give it a future, its heterogeneity is as much an advantage as a defect. With the experience of previous ADA, the organizers of Montpellier wish to give more time to the participants (three people mandated by groups or assemblies of Yellow Vests) through small working groups.

It is important to show that the Yellow Vest with reflective tape is reflective and that the movement is organized.

The seven themes of work:

1 / Role and structuring of the ADA: "This continues to make the debate. Should it be punctual or activable at times? Should this be a place for discussion and exchange or should it be involved in appeals and modalities of action? ".

2 / How to find a link with the population? "It's getting more and more complicated for Yellow Vests to have a positive image or a positive word in the media."

3 / How to work with other struggling movements or sectors? : "For now, they tend to manifest separately. Can we agree and take joint action? ".

4 / How to organize against repression? : "How to get more information to protect oneself, to prevent arrests ... to help people better live through this repression or imprisonment".

5 / Opponents and allies: "It's a question of determining which ultimately damages health, our purchasing power ... who are those who work in the same direction as us".

6 / The Municipalities: "How are we going to act in this context? Should we act with institutions or in parallel? ".

7 / Anniversary of November 17: "It's been a year since the movement exists. How are we positioned at the national level with the ADA? ".

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