Yellow West Are France's "new legislators" also traveling in Berlin?

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In the evening, on the way home by bike: Good-neighbourliness, a junction at Frankfurter Allie. It is dark, the traffic is noisy. The traffic light jumps to green, but no cyclist can go, because the way is blocked by three people with yellow safety vests.

The first thought: is this perhaps a political action, like the yellow vests in Paris, blocking the streets and lighting cars? But then the three start - so false alarm.

Yellow vests in Berlin: revolt outfit?

There are cyclists on the way home, who have talked at the traffic light only a little too long. It can happen so fast with the confusion.

The yellow vests of Paris - free-wheeling left and right radicals - are now called "new legislators of France" because they make the once so bright young President Emmanuel Macron look very old and force him to drop more and more new laws.

In Germany, there are free riders who cover such west and call for road closures. Police in Ulna reported that 26 people were reported in yellow for wanting to disable the Karen interchange.

The yellow vest should therefore also become a revolt outfit here. Almost every household has such a sense 2014, warning vests with reflective tapes duty at accident sites in the dark applies to motorists. The cheapest vest in the net costs 1.15 euros - plus 7.90 euros shipping costs. The legislature allows the colors yellow, orange and red. Yellow has prevailed because it shines brightest at night.

"Yellow West - Germany makes you close"

On the Internet, the yellow rascals announce: "We are politically neutral. Left & right - hand in hand against the system "and:" Yellow West - Germany makes tight. "

Feeling every tenth cyclist in Berlin wears these useful vests in the evening - they are almost all yellow. In such troubled times, this can quickly be misunderstood. Let's see if there are more, or if some people prefer to switch to a model in Orange - or if the self-styled "revolution" quickly fizzles away.

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