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The meeting at the School of Mechanical Schools in Opole was already the ninth edition of the event promoting the safety of two-wheelers in traffic. On the day open to the school were invited traffic policemen in reflective uniform and director and examiners of the Road Traffic Center in Opole.

The gathered youth listened to a lecture on traffic safety. Deputy Inspector. Macias Moleskin - traffic policeman discussed the most common mistakes made by motorcyclists and mopeds. In addition, he introduced some advice to help you travel safely.

Officials advise:

1. This driver should control the vehicle - never the other way round,

2. Do not show yourself risky driving in front of colleagues - it can cost a life or health!

3. Perform safe maneuvers,

4. It is always clear to make maneuvers,

5. Remember to be visible on the road; Turn on the lights,

6. Unforeseeable deviation from the runway threatens to run over another vehicle,

7. If you feel anger, frustration or aggression - do not sit behind the wheel! Motorcyclist to master the nerves, because each of your mistakes can end tragically,

8. From the moment you get on a motorcycle, focus exclusively on safe driving,

9. Drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs can cause death!

10. Protective helmet, pads, appropriate shoes and gloves - will increase your safety and your reflective vest will improve visibility.

On the premises of the School of Mechanics, officers also presented police equipment, including a motorbike used by the Opole police and a police car crew of road and ecology technicians. It performs the functions of a mobile diagnostic station and is equipped with a dip deter, flue gas analyzer and sound level meter.

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