Reflections and presents for cyclists from police officers

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Cyclists saw policemen in reflective uniform willingly stopping and checking. On Tuesday before noon near Grunewald plc, the Szczecin road has organized an action called the Spring Day Bicycle. "When spring starts, a large part of our city's inhabitants change into bicycles," says asp. "We planned to take control of this cycling route.

We were reminded of the basic rules governing the movement of two wheelers and the obligatory bicycle safety equipment. For every cyclist who "passed" successfully, she was waiting for a surprise. Such guards have received gadgets that placed on the bike will additionally help to raise the level of safety.

Among the prizes were retro reflectors, reflective vests, and reflective backpacks, bicycles with the most important traffic regulations, and reflectors on wheels.

- For those who have successfully passed the check were the gifts. Those who would merit a mandate today just scared our finger, we reminded.

Cyclists saw policemen willingly stopping and checking.

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