Tussah drivers change their safety uniforms

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The drivers will wear new reflective uniforms starting in February, designed by two Seville students. The garments are based on the color gray, white and crimson and as a novelty includes a series of accessories.

The Executive Vice President of Urban Transport of Seville SAM, Juan Carlos Cabrera, has presented the new uniforms that the staff will wear from February 2018. Which the students Sandra Luque and Esther Alonso, of the design school of Ceade Leonardo, have designed and that "circumscribe in the global project of corporate image change initiated by the municipal public company.” For this, Tussah signed a collaboration agreement with the design school of Cede Leonardo with the aim of promoting among its students a contest of ideas to make the new uniforms with reflective tape.

Of all the proposals presented, a selection was made of three models that were analyzed by the Apparel Commission and subsequently presented to public consultation, so that the company's workers could vote for the option, they would like the most. Finally, the designs of Sandra Tuque for the drivers and Esther Alonso for the workshop workers were chosen. The clothes of the drivers are based on gray (pants and jersey), white (shirts and polo shirts), and crimson (dresses and logo). The jacket is black with reflective band and incorporates a removable fleece in crimson. In the same way, all the garments wear a reflective live as a safety measure.

As a novelty, it includes a series of complements, of optional use that, until now, had not been incorporated in the locker room, such as belt, scarf, cap and neck bra, and others are renewed as the bag to store the material, giving the option of bag or backpack.

Regarding the workshop uniform, this also consists of a jacket with reflective band and removable sleeves, fleece and black pants, with removable reinforcements and kneepads, as well as gray polo shirts with reflective bands heat-sealed, which implies greater comfort in your use. All garments are topped with details in yellow, also used by the City of Seville. New accessories include a collar, cap and belt panty, plus a sports bag to store your belongings.

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