We show you what to do if you stay on the road

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If you are a novice driver and you have never stayed on the road, you need some tricks, advice and safety equipments that any expert driver would have had at those road moments where we do not know what to do.

When traveling, it is different from when you drive in the city, because the vehicle spends more time on and arrives at higher speeds. If you travel regularly or your work is somewhat removed from your home, these recommendations will help you a lot: If you go on track when it is turned off, you can take advantage of the impulse you have to drive it without having to get out.

The next thing is to put on the reflective vest and take out the warning triangle so that people who are on the road realize they are injured.

If the road is one way or has more than three lanes in the same direction, we can do without the front triangle. In both cases, the triangles must be visible at a minimum distance of 100 meters so if we see that we are close to a curve, we will have to put it at the entrance of it so that the rest of the drivers see it perfectly.

You must locate a stable place to change the rubber to avoid accidents at the time of the change. The hand brake is a good option in these cases to keep the vehicle fixed.

    Locate the hydraulic jack under the vehicle, near the rubber you are going to change.

    With the help of the cross wrench, loosen the nuts with the cross wrench, remove them and put them in a safe place. Then lift the car and remove the tire.

    Put the spare part and make sure that the nuts are correctly and placed, helping you with the cross wrench. The correct way to tighten them is to imagine that you are drawing a star.

    Lower the vehicle to the ground, remove the hydraulic jack, and go!

    The best thing to do is to then check the pressure of the spare rubber and make sure you have the right and necessary air level.

In case it is not a rubber or something else that you can solve you should call someone to help you or to give you instructions to repair it, having the number of your trusted mechanic dressed reflective uniform is a good idea for these cases.

It is not necessary to take provisions and some liter of extra oil does not fall badly to anyone. In case of having some kind of problem with the levels, remember to fill with another of equal viscosity. If you cannot find it, fill it with a similar one, the important thing is that it does not remain "dry.”

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