A mistake that drivers make when a vehicle fails

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In recent years, more accidents have occurred on the highways with serious injuries and even fatalities because participants were not careful enough to stop their vehicles and others were not. The cops came up with some tips for what to do in the event of a vehicle breakdown. The driver who is running out of fuel on the highway or having his vehicle break down should try to stop at the highway rest area, SOS downhill niche or back lane or. to leave the highway. If he stops at an SOS niche or highway carriage, immediately turn on all four turn signals, put on a reflective vest with reflective material and set up a safety triangle.

Drivers whose vehicle breaks down while driving on the freeway can use the SOS roadside telephone free of charge or call the National Highway Traffic Information Center in 1970. We also tell the operator the car's registration number, make and model. An accurate description of the failure can help to correct the on-site failure in advance. If you are reachable on your mobile phone, your carrier may call you and ask for more information for faster assistance, AMZS advised. Where should the triangle be placed? According to them, the triangle should be located at least 100 meters from the vehicle. If the distance is longer, other drivers will be able to respond earlier and prepare. When installing the triangle, we must not move in the right lane, but should only walk behind the safety barrier and constantly monitor traffic. Otherwise, keep the safety triangle in the vehicle so that it is easily accessible. You will find it difficult to find in your luggage, police say. AMZS advises that if the vehicle breaks down, do not attempt to turn the key and press the throttle immediately. Instead, we press the clutch pedal, as this is the only way to maintain enough speed to shift the steady vehicle to the edge of the carriageway or back lane, where we stop and activate all four safety indicators. In longer tunnels with recessed niches, the process is the same as on a highway. When flashing and the clutch is used, we must scroll right to alert other drivers. If possible, stop in a recessed alcove where the SOS phone is also located. If that fails, try to drive the vehicle to the nearest edge of the carriageway. This also applies to a road without a weaving lane that has weighed niches.

After a malfunction on foot on the highway In recent days, police officers have dealt with several reports of pedestrian restraint on the highway, including a report on pedestrian walking on the carriageway near Kranj due to a vehicle malfunction. Police officers are trying to prevent such acts by their presence on the highway, but because of the increased traffic, however, we must be careful especially in the areas of motorway connections and near rest areas where such illicit practices are more frequent, police in Kranj wrote.

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