After a roadside check: what happened

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The facts took place on May 19. A young resident of Triplet, T. Fayyad, said he was returning home on a motorcycle when two policemen arrested him for a roadside check. Review of checks: a motorcycle "damaged".

The young man, in his twenties, explains that he was coming back from a prayer session when the two policemen checked him. "I got two tickets for not wearing the reflective vest, and because my license plate was illegible," says Fayyad. "I did not dispute the contravention, because I am aware that at the time of the facts, I was not wearing hi vis vest. However, according to our interlocutor, while he was preparing to hit the road to return home, another plainclothes policeman, on the other side of the road, asked him to park for a check of his port exhaust. "In my opinion, he thought I had changed my motorcycle. But my machine is a sport bike. "says Fayyad. "The police picked the engine and it was damaged," says the young man. "Who will pay me back for the damage? The repair costs, according to my mechanic, amount to about Rs 10,000. To this day my bike is still at the police station and I'm waiting for it to be examined by an expert. "says Fayyad.

Asked for an intervention on this subject, Inspector Shiva Coo then explained that "indeed, there was a statement made at the police station in Triplet. I will see what is the state of the young man's vehicle. Subsequently, I will contact him again. "says the inspector. And the police remind that it is important to wear a reflective vest (which sewn-on reflective materials) at night.

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